About Us

The Company

Established in 2006, Shenzhen Sicily Technology Co., Ltd. is the direct manufacturer of a wide range of survival and camping products.We started with fire starter in 2016, but we have more and more items now, including fire starter, survival gear kit, camping tent, backpack and camping cookware set etc.

As manufacturers, we continually identify new and better technologies which can improve the quality of our products and be compliant to the standards. We also offer OEM/ODM service to meet different client’s requirement.

Our company values its customers and its employees. Through years of learning, we have found the satisfaction of our employees to be one of the major drivers of client satisfaction and more positive reviews. Happy employees have helped us forge a stronger position in the market and build a company that is known for its excellence in customer services and product offerings.


The Sicily Technology operates with the singular mission of providing excellent products and services to all its clients and forging long-term relationships through every customer interaction. To achieve this mission we relentlessly improve and develop the survival and camping items.


Our vision is to build a company that strongly stands by its values as it paves it explores new avenues of growth and successfulness keeping customer experience and employee satisfaction in mind.

Values of Our Company

The values of Sicily Technology are the foundation of the all our interactions at work and with our customers. Many customers who talk about us find these values to be the main reason why we have been able to flourish over the years.


All our employees maintain professionalism and ensure that every customer gets the best experience. As professionals, we value your time, and we make efforts to provide our products and services in a timely manner and as per your expectations.