About Us

(iLookle®) Shenzhen Sicily Technology Co., Ltd.


Perhaps increasingly recognizable via its iLookle™ brand name, outdoor goods manufacturer Shenzhen Sicily Technology Co., Ltd., boasts a founding history that goes back to 2006. The survival & camping products direct manufacturer’s relatively recent establishment history puts Shenzhen Sicily at that coveted sweet spot of a goods producer boasting just the right amount of experience under its belt, along with operational commencement at a time generally regarded as the pinnacle of technological development, refinement, and advancement!

Post-Millennial Establishment

Theirs is a founding, development and evolution story that naturally resonates with the most discerning of end-users of the company’s products, sparked by the production of a fire starter as the very first of a growing range of more outdoor gear to eventually come.

Outdoor enthusiasts, with a flair for adventures such as camping, will recognise the natural progression at play here; a fire starter that sparked a passion for taking on the challenges of the great outdoors, now ragingly “burning” bright to bring to light an outdoors range of products which include backpacks, survival & first aid kits, camping cookware, tents, etc…


Shenzhen Sicily Technology’s operation is with a singular mission as its driving force, which is the provision of a range of excellent products and services to each client. The natural course of action then shapes the formulation of long-term relationships accompanying each customer interaction. Expect a consistently further improving and growing selection of products as part of the ongoing efforts to achieve this mission.


The emergent vision synonymous with Shenzhen Sicily Tech can be attested to by both the employees and customer bases, which is simply the continued growth of a company that explores new growth avenues while maintaining its core values. It’s ultimately all about forging a great customer experience, during the entire process (pre-sales to post-sales deployment)


Cutting edge technologies form a consistent part of the manufacturer’s modus operandi, with the subsequent quality in results physically felt by end-users of the range of outdoor, camping and survival goods. This tangible quality is reinforced by adherence to the highest standards and manufacturing-environment best practices, but the mutually beneficial business relationship is not limited merely to the manufacturer and the end-user customer.

Multi-Dimensional Client Base

Shenzhen Sicily Technology Co., Ltd. also offers OEM/ODM services, tailored to the specifications of each such client, within the industry and supplier best practices that ensure quality output, of course.