Camping Tent 2/4 Person Family Tent Double Layer Outdoor Tent

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Product Name: Camping Tent

Product Colour: Orange/Green/Blue

Packing bag

Size: Outer tent 240*210*135cm+Inner tent 230*200*125cm for 3-4 adults

Material: 170T silver plasters+210D Oxford fabric

Rod material: fiberglass

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Breathable & Stable: 2 Large doors with dual zippers provide much better ventilation. Equipped with 8 lightweight Alloy Pegs and 4 Guy Ropes, the tent has a high resistance of wind. More Secure.

All-round protection: 170T silver plasters material and 210D Oxford Ground Sheet provide 2000mm water resistance and excellent UV resistance. The doors equipped with high quality SBS zippers can be closed tightly, which provide stronger resistance to harsh weather.

Easy to Setup: Instant Pop up Mechanism makes you set up inner tent within 1 minute. Simply lift top of the tent, pop the top mechanism down and then click the bottom joints into place. Easy and save your time.

Camping Tent 24 Person Family Tent Double Layer Outdoor Tent (6)
Camping Tent 24 Person Family Tent Double Layer Outdoor Tent (7)
Camping Tent 24 Person Family Tent Double Layer Outdoor Tent (5)

Multifunctional: It includes internal tent&external tent. which can be used separately. The inner tent can prevent the invasion of mosquitoes and insects, while the external tent can be shading and blocking UV rays. Mixed use can double the waterproof and get better rainproof effect



If you are an outdoor travel enthusiast, you must need a compact tent that can be easily backpacked and easily carried. Also the tent must be protected from moisture, wind and rain. So that you can travel outdoors freely without being exposed to rain.

If you are a parient, then you definitely want to have a spacious tent that can accommodate your family including your lover, you and 1-2 children, so that you can set up a tent and enjoy the benefits of a tent when playing outdoors, and enjoy family's happiness fully.

If you are a user in love, then you definitely want to be able to set up a love tent quickly anytime, anywhere with your lover outdoors. When you leave, you can take down the tent instantly, saving your time of operation. Then you can fully enjoy the joy of love.

If you are a user who likes party with friends, then you definitely want a multifunctional tent. One tent can be shading, where you can chat with your friends. And another for resting A shade where you can sleep when you are tired, When you use our tent, these requirements have been well met. Our tents use special PED fabric PU 3000, with excellent waterproof effect and outstanding insulated from moisture. The internal space of the tent is spacious. And the automatic hydraulic pop-up quick design is adopted, which can be set up and take down fast. it can be easily placed in a compact backpack. This tent focuses on privacy protection. After closing the shielding cloth, the inner space of the tent cannot be seen from the out. You can freely enjoy private house space.

Camping Tent 24 Person Family Tent Double Layer Outdoor Tent (4)

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